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What we do

SeedlingHub is the first impact investment platform which offers both onsite monitoring and incubation of projects, as well as an interactive online platform for private and organizational lenders and investors.

As an onsite incubator for microenterprises and small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in low- and mid-income countries, SeedlingHub implements social impact funds, loans and investments.

Together with the seedlings we incubate, we produce
high quality social impact data (ESG metrics). This data allows our funders, lendors and investors to know exactly how much impact and return on investment they helped creating – and thus, how they contributed to sustainable change.

Impact Investment Platform

To impact investors, private funders and CSR-initiatives, we offer an interactive, transparent and easy to use impact investment platform where they can assess, monitor and invest in curated MSMEs at our Hub locations. The online platform will also serve as global community network and ESG metrics center.

Incubation and Capacity Building

Via onsite support and incubation, we provide the supported MSMEs all necessary tools and expertise to attain a sustainable financial return, alongside the rigorous accounting for ESG impact. The incubation and close support lowers the failure risk of each MSME, which our onsite diligent risk assessment evaluated and optimized beforehand.


Framed by an innovative ERP-system, our impact measurement and management (IMM) scheme delivers social impact data from ongoing operations to our supporters in real time. This serves to quantify the total ex-post, positive social impact, and ultimately, adds quality to the predetermined returns on investment/loan.

HQ Social Impact

To all our stakeholders, we offer high-quality social impact data that is linked to SDG and ESG metrics. The transparent financial accounting is thus complemented by the social impact that the invested financial resources have generated.

What we cultivate


Sustainable Incubation

Access to Education

Real Connections

Our purpose

MSMEs in low- and mid-income countries can create sustainable impact. International supporters want to be part of that change.

We bring them together.

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